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About Us was established with the aim of providing educational support to students throughout Ireland and abroad who for a wide variety of different reasons are unable to fully access mainstream education. We also aim to support Junior and Leaving Certificate students who require additional support in a particular subject area.

We have developed an online teaching platform to connect you with the very best teachers in the country no matter where you live or what school you go to. We are confident that our online school is so advanced that students will prefer our online classroom to a traditional classroom. Unlike traditional powerpoint only screencast presentations where you don’t even see the instructor, our online courses are truly engaging with the teacher at the very heart of the educational experience.

From our studio in Dublin we have brought together some of the most innovative teachers from around the country to deliver the Leaving and Junior Certificate syllabus to you.

Students who enrol at Homeschool will receive,

  • A weekly video lesson delivered on screen by your subject teacher, over 24 weeks.
  • Outstanding comprehensive study manuals and sample answers on each subject topic.
  • 24/7 ability to submit a question to your subject teacher on each lesson.
  • A Homework task that will be assigned at the end of each week’s lesson to reinforce student learning and understanding.

We hope that you join us as we open our virtual doors.

Best wishes,

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