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Welcome to our Leaving Certificate German course.

This subject is delivered by our German teacher and Leaving Certificate Examiner Frau Medb Farrell.

Course Content

  1. Family – describing, relationship with siblings, being eldest/youngest etc.
  2. School – subjects, rules, teachers, school building / atmosphere, school stress etc
  3. Free time – hobbies – reading, music, sports, friends etc
  4. Where you live – area, feelings about where you live, moving out etc
  5. My future – work, college etc
  6. Learning languages – how best to learn a language, why study German, what you do in German class, foreign exchange etc
  7. Holidays and a stay abroad – past tense last summer holiday, advantages and disadvantages of a stay abroad, types of holidays, activities on holidays etc
  8. Social problems – homelessness, unemployment and charities etc
  9. Technology – phones, internet, cyber bullying, online shopping, gaming, addiction to gaming etc
  10. Environment – renewable energies, pollution, how to save the environment etc
  11. Health – healthy eating, exercise etc
  12. Equality – gender pay gap, discrimination, refugees, prejudices etc
  13. Present Tense and Imperfect Tense
  14. Modal Verbs in present and imperfect
  15. Perfect and Pluperfect Tense
  16. Future, Conditional and the Subjunctive
  17. The Cases
  18. Adjective Endings
  19. Relative Pronouns
  20. Word Order and Conjunctions
  21. Pronouns – personal and question words
  22. Oral Exam – General Conversation and The Project
  23. Roleplays 1-5
  24. Bildergeschichten 1-5

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