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Course Overview

The course is for students who wish to enrol on a Professional Master in Education PME (Primary Teaching), post graduate degree, but have not achieved at least a H4 in their Leaving Certificate Irish exam.

Designed for individuals no longer in full-time Second Level education, this course enhances Irish language skills for PME success.

This course begins on Monday 2nd October and is delivered by our experienced Leaving Certificate Irish teacher, Bernadette Ní Fhnneadha.


Course Overview: PME (Primary Teaching) Preparation in Irish

  1. Introduction to the Course and ‘Géibheann’ Poetry
    • Course overview and paper insights
    • Analysis of the poem ‘Géibheann’
  1. In-depth Analysis of Named Poems: ‘Colscaradh’ and ‘Mo Ghrá-sa (idir luibíní)’
    • Detailed exploration of themes and structure
    • Sample answers provided
  1. Strategies for Poetry Questions: ‘Géibheann,’ ‘Colscaradh,’ and ‘Mo Ghrá-sa idir lúibíní’
    • Decoding question patterns and terminology
    • Approaches to addressing questions
  1. In-depth Analysis of Named Poems: ‘An Spailpín Fánach’ and ‘An tEarrach Thiar’
    • Thorough examination of content and themes
    • Sample answers and 30-mark question strategies
  1. Additional Named Poems: ‘A Chlann’ and ‘Caoineadh Airt Uí Laoghaire’
    • In-depth discussion with exam-related focus
    • Connecting poems to relevant questions
  1. Strategies for Poetry Questions: ‘An Spailpín Fanach,’ ‘An tEarrach Thiar,’ ‘A Chlann,’ and ‘Caoineadh Airt Uí Laoghaire’
    • Unpacking question intent and structure
    • Handling associated terminology
  1. More Named Poems: ‘Fill Arís,’ ‘Colmáin,’ and ‘Eiceolaí’
    • Deep dive into optional poetry
    • Correlating poems with exam inquiries

8-13. Prose Analysis: ‘Hurlamaboc,’ ‘Gnáthrud,’ ‘Oisín I dTír na nÓg,’ ‘Dís,’ ‘Cáca Milis,’ ‘An Lasair Choille’

  • Comprehensive exploration of prose content
  • Storyline, themes, emotions, and more
  • Sample answers and question-solving strategies

14-18. Composition and Themes: Media, Health, Education, Environment, Heritage

  • Detailed study of various composition topics
  • Content analysis and relevant themes

19-22. Oral Examination Preparation

  • Layout, basic grammar, marking scheme
  • Structured approach to Parts 1, 2, and 3
  • Tips for a strong oral performance

23-24. Grammar Insights: Terminology, Tenses, Adjectives, Numbers, Prepositions

  • Clear explanation of grammar terms
  • Focus on verb tenses and key grammatical elements

Embark on a comprehensive journey to enhance your Irish language skills and master PME preparation.

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