Course Overview

The course is for students who wish to enrol on a Professional Master in Education PME (Primary Teaching), post graduate degree, but have not achieved at least a H4 in their Leaving Certificate Irish exam.

Designed for individuals no longer in full-time Second Level education, this course enhances Irish language skills for PME success.

This course is delivered by our experienced Leaving Certificate Irish teacher, Bernadette Ní Fhnneadha.


Course Overview: PME (Primary Teaching) Preparation in Irish

  1. Introduction to the Course and ‘Géibheann’ Poetry
    • Course overview and paper insights
    • Analysis of the poem ‘Géibheann’
  1. In-depth Analysis of Named Poems: ‘Colscaradh’ and ‘Mo Ghrá-sa (idir luibíní)’
    • Detailed exploration of themes and structure
    • Sample answers provided
  1. Strategies for Poetry Questions: ‘Géibheann,’ ‘Colscaradh,’ and ‘Mo Ghrá-sa idir lúibíní’
    • Decoding question patterns and terminology
    • Approaches to addressing questions
  1. In-depth Analysis of Named Poems: ‘An Spailpín Fánach’ and ‘An tEarrach Thiar’
    • Thorough examination of content and themes
    • Sample answers and 30-mark question strategies
  1. Additional Named Poems: ‘A Chlann’ and ‘Caoineadh Airt Uí Laoghaire’
    • In-depth discussion with exam-related focus
    • Connecting poems to relevant questions
  1. Strategies for Poetry Questions: ‘An Spailpín Fanach,’ ‘An tEarrach Thiar,’ ‘A Chlann,’ and ‘Caoineadh Airt Uí Laoghaire’
    • Unpacking question intent and structure
    • Handling associated terminology
  1. More Named Poems: ‘Fill Arís,’ ‘Colmáin,’ and ‘Eiceolaí’
    • Deep dive into optional poetry
    • Correlating poems with exam inquiries

8-13. Prose Analysis: ‘Hurlamaboc,’ ‘Gnáthrud,’ ‘Oisín I dTír na nÓg,’ ‘Dís,’ ‘Cáca Milis,’ ‘An Lasair Choille’

  • Comprehensive exploration of prose content
  • Storyline, themes, emotions, and more
  • Sample answers and question-solving strategies

14-18. Composition and Themes: Media, Health, Education, Environment, Heritage

  • Detailed study of various composition topics
  • Content analysis and relevant themes

19-22. Oral Examination Preparation

  • Layout, basic grammar, marking scheme
  • Structured approach to Parts 1, 2, and 3
  • Tips for a strong oral performance

23-24. Grammar Insights: Terminology, Tenses, Adjectives, Numbers, Prepositions

  • Clear explanation of grammar terms
  • Focus on verb tenses and key grammatical elements

Embark on a comprehensive journey to enhance your Irish language skills and master PME preparation.

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