Course Overview

Welcome to our Junior Cycle Irish Ordinary level course with your teacher Bernadette Ní Fhinneadha.

This course is primarily aimed at 1st, 2nd and 3rd year students taking the Ordinary level exam.

However, it is also suitable for students hoping to improve their Irish with the aim of taking the Higher level paper in third year.

Course Content

  • 1 Novel
  • 5 poems
  • 2 songs
  • 2 gearrscéal
  • 1 dráma
  • Covering basic grammar information
  • Grammar exercises
  • Aural exercises
  • Oral exercises
  • Léamhthuiscint
  • Cluastuiscint
  • Lessons based on CBA 1 and CBA 2
  • How to use PowerPoint for your CBA’s
  • Tackling the exam paper
  • Sample essays and how to write one

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