Course Overview

Welcome to our Junior Cycle Maths Grinds Higher level course delivered by your teacher Emma O’Dell.

As part of this course students will cover the main aspects of the Maths Grinds Higher level syllabus including:

  • Exam Paper analysis
  • Trigonometry: Pythagoras’ Theorem, Sine, Cosine, Tangent, and applications
  • Co-ordinate Geometry: Slope, Distance between two points, the Equation of a line.
  • Geometry: a selection of Theorem proofs and solving Geometric problems using Theorems
  • Algebra: Factorising, Solving Equations, Applications of Algebra
  • Graphs: Linear, Quadratic Functions, Graphs in context
  • Statistics: Bar Charts, Histograms, Frequency Tables, Mean, Median and Mode, Pie Charts, Stem and Leaf Diagrams
  • Area and Volume: Cylinder, Sphere, Cone.


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