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Molebo Gengh Mphahl Le
10:44 09 Jun 23
great service, good extra revision and very well taught
Holly Hennessy
19:34 18 Apr 21
Extremely helpful, personally as a student myself it helped me with learning and staying productive during these tough times.
Mary Murray
19:33 18 Apr 21
Decent classes, not exam question focused enough but a good supplement to classes in school
Amelia Lawlor
19:33 18 Apr 21
Very helpful service,definitely helped my daughters grades
Sharon Devine
02:02 17 Apr 21
My son and daughter have learned so much, far more than what they would have learned in a regular school. The academic level is outstanding.
Bridget Kelly
22:39 16 Apr 21
Fantastic service. My son has really benefited from the notes and classes provided. It has given him great support especially at this time. Thank you.
Veronica Byrne
12:37 13 Apr 20
Cannot recommend Homeschool.ie enough, so easy to use, brilliant support and customer service!!!
Pauline McGowan
10:16 18 Mar 20
I couldn't recommend homeschool.ie enough. I left public school in 5th year just after I had my daughter. I wanted to continue school but was unsure how I could do it. I stumbled across homeschool.ie online and I knew I could make it work. it was very flexible, I could watch the tutorials when I had the time, and always had someone to messege for help.I haven't looked back since! I used homeschool.ie for the next two years, and managed to get good results in my leaving cert. I'm now in maynooth university, I never thought I would see this day! I couldn't have gotten here without this wonderful service
Hope Ní Cuacach
11:59 15 Jan 20
Brilliant lessons for Leaving Cert and Junior Cert alike. All private messages or questions answered very fast. Great work...
Helen Wright
13:48 24 Dec 17
I can't recommend this highly enough for revision. Very well presented and laid out. Another chance for students to hear the material presented by someone else using different methodologies. Very successful for visual and aural learners like my son. Will be purchasing again for leaving certificate. Thank you.
Niamh Uí Chadhla
22:17 01 May 17
Our Daughter is doing 6 Subjects for her Leaving Cert. with Home School.She finds the Tutorials very informative and the Teachers interesting and very easy to follow. Each Tutorial can be repeated any time she needs to revise.We would highly recommend Home School.
Eileen Gaynor
09:06 22 Dec 16
I have enrolled our dyslexic daughter and cannot recommend them enough for grinds. Very visual handouts and informative lessons and great value for money .
Katherine Ní Bhroithe
11:44 21 Dec 16
My son is just finishing up the first term of homeschool_ie in 4 subjects and we would highly recommend this service. Using the website is so straightforward and the quality of the lessons and the supporting material is outstanding. Looking forward to Term 2! A huge thanks to the team behind homeschool_ie for providing such an incredible service.
Louise Kay
09:40 15 Dec 16
High Quality online grinds at an affordable price..
Hana Beth Healy
15:27 13 Dec 16
An amazing service, this is the future of grinds and remote schooling.
Shane Byrne
07:17 17 Aug 16

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