Course Overview

Welcome to our Leaving Certificate Accounting Course with your teacher Robert Lee.

Course Content

  • Accounting Introduction, Concepts, Bases and Policies
  • Double Entry Bookkeeping
  • Bank Reconciliation Statements
  • Accruals, Prepayments, Capital, Revenue and Bad Debts
  • Depreciation
  • Control Accounts, Suspense Accounts, Final Accounts (Sole Trader), Company Accounts
  • Manufacturing Accounts, Departmental Accounts, Final Accounts
  • Published Accounts, Club Accounts, Service Accounts, Farm Accounts, Incomplete Records
  • Cash Flow Statements, Interpretation of Accounts, Tabular Statements
  • Management Accounting: Costing and Product Costing
  • Management Accounting: Marginal Costing (Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis)
  • Management Accounting Budgeting, Budget Planning and Budget Control

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